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tunebite is really good. But, just remember to have the volume in wmp all the way up while recording. this doesnt include speakers. if you dont have the volume up, then you will have to turn the speaker volume all the way up to listen to the music.

Now you’re telling me :stuck_out_tongue:
I had such an experience, but now I put the volume in Windows Media Player at maximum, set the master volume control on minimum and go to sleep. And in the morning there they are, “my precious” songs free from the evil DRM protection :bigsmile:

Why don’t you think it’s an issue at the moment? I’ve also recently learned that if Microsoft blocked the playing of a DRM’ed file through an SDK then they could possibly block the playing of the DRM’ed file through their own WMP. Does this hold any truth?

Wouldn’t blocking the file from playing via WMP defeat the purpose of the player? It wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft to do that. :confused:

So, if you have some other computer sounds (like mIRC, MSN) while you are recording you will also get them in your song? Also your only going to lose quality. 128kbps WMA > 192kbps MP3, yuck.

Sounds a waste of time to me. I think I will stick with even if they do have a lossy source for most files (LAME MP3 384kbps) I would rather recode them to 256kbps at very little quality differance than lossless > 256kbps MP3 than deal with bitrates no better than you get on Limewire.

I don’t think that you get system sounds with the newest version of tunebite.

You could always go to:
Control Panel
Sounds and Audio Devices
Sounds tab
Sound Scheme - choose No Sounds

Has anyone got tunebite to work with Yahoo streams? I’m playing with the demo tunebite, and can’t get it to work with streams, only with downloaded wma’s. Tunebite shows it ‘hears’ the sound (per it’s eq), but I cannot record.

Is stream recorn only in the full version? I though the only demo tunebite restriction was 30 second limits?

So tunebite can record streaming audio now?

I don’t think so, unless I’m not using it right (possible). I think you have to download the .wma to HDD before tunebite and remove the DRM.

That’s what I thought . . . the only stream recorders I know of are Replay Music and Replay Radio.

Replay Music has stopped working for me for some reason. can record streams that can normally be loaded in WMP. It can also record the audio of video streams as well.

Sweeeet. :bow:

Guys, I have 2 questions for those that have experience with Tunebite.

  1. I have Centrino 1.8 GHZ laptop, and Tunebite automatically set the recording speed at 1x. I assume this is due to CPU speed being too slow. So when I am recording the song sometimes the Oscilloscope Monitor will turn green then red. Can someone explain to me what it means when it shifts from green to red. I hope I am not losing sound quality.
  2. Does Tunebite record digitally or with analog? Either way how much quality do you lose from Tunebite? I really can’t tell the difference after I tried few songs.

I’m a newbie to this forum, but use Tunebite since a while and am very pleased by its performance. So to answer your questions gordec:
1.For this one: You shouldn’t have trouble in setting up the record speed, regardless of the CPU and being one at 1.8 GHZ you should be able to record at 4x also. Maybe you should write to the Tunebite support to help you out with this problem.
2. Tunebite records both digitally and analog:[I]Analog[/I]= recording with the normal soundcard, [I]Digital[/I]= recording with the virtual high-speed digital dubbing driver enabled. The best quality is given by digital recording.

Hope I could be of help, if only a bit… :slight_smile:

sorry to post but i have a bit of a problem , i am using tunebite fine but i have transfered some music to my mp3 player and the name of the song has gone ? it just says ypf ypb ypf ? can anybody help please !

Has anyone had an experience with Tunebite converting videos purchased from ITunes? I popped $1.99 for these 5 minutes Pixar movies and now i can’t see it on my PDA. :sad:

Thanks in advance for any reply!!