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Yeap… music industry is really cracking down hard on this.

I have no problem with tunebite sure it cuts 1-2s off here and there in auto mode converting to ogg then I convert ogg to mp3 in another program but overall quality is fine for my iPod and it’s still FREE so how can I complain?

If anyone else has better sound recorders post them here, imo unless you have a REALLY REALLY expensive sound system you lose no quality atleast I don’t notice anything.

how are they going to stop this there is really no way to

yup they are really cracking down on this. seems like napster, viirutosa, does updates to their programs without you knowing and gives you a new drm license file.

So if you maintain a subscription how’s this a problem?

no matter what you will stil have this problem. napster and virtuosa both updated their programs and that’s why virutosa does not work anymore. i have subscription and some of the wma does not play asking for a license. best thing is to use tunebite for now since that seems its the only the program that works.

What are you talking about? They aren’t cracking down on real time recording. If they were then these would be fixed along with Virtuosa and MMJB.

They cannot patch real time recorders such as Muvaudio and Tunebite, right?

Also, the reason I am bumping this thread is because I was doing a search and I’m sure other people will be searching for the same thing and I don’t want them to be misled.

As long as you will be able to record, or at least control the output of your sound card on your computer, they won’t be able to stop such software like Tunebite, unless Microsoft finds a way to un-plug this analog-hole system on which this software is based on :confused:

I’ve recently learned that they can stop DRM’ed files from playing through an SDK which would stop real time recording.

well, the wonderful thing is that no matter how hard the music industry tries, no matter how hard microsoft or napster try, there will alway be some computer geek out there that can beat the system. Its beautiful. I just hope that someone comes up with an other than real time converter sometime soon, and i hope that it stays in the underground world of us computer geeks. because napster can patch. So, if youre someone who has made a program, or youve found a program that for sure works, pass it to us in email or pm. Becaus if you post it openly on the forum, chances are that napster will get their @#$@#$ grredy hands on it and patch it. DOWN WITH THE !#@$@#$ DRM

Couldn’t you just hook up line out to line in and record like that?

can anyone tell me how to perform a line in recording function. My zen micro say it can do that, but I dont know how to set it up. Do I need any special cables

The newest TuneBite version has fixed the problem of 1 -2 sec cut off’s why use Line In your going to get analog recording and it will sound like crap just use tunebite man.

i think if thewy REALLY wanted to stop tunebite from working, they would have by now…

I’ve read a little about this SDK and at the moment it doesn’t seem to be any threat to the Tunebite system, so I think we can relax on this issue :bigsmile:
And Chriso you don’t wanna do this re-recording the old way with wires, cause the output will be really crappy. I tried it once at a friend and it sucks :eek:

Hmm, I never tried any of this, so I wouldn’t really know. What does this tunebite thing work with then? And how?

Tunebite is a WMP 9 or 10 plug-in and application (or iTUnes but I don’t use that version). You basically record protected songs (iTunes or WMA) as you play them and Tunebite converts them to either ogg voorbis or MP3, retaining the tags, file, etc… It is similar to a “total recorder” except it keeps your resulting file correct with the correct ID tags, etc… The quality is very good and you can set it up in “automatic” mode, too. It works because it plays and records off your soundcard at the same time, so anything you can play on your computer can be converted to mp3.

Hmm, is there a free alternative?

theres muvaudio, totalrecorder, and Im sure the list could go on. But, I bought Tunebite last night. They must have fixed the alleged “cutting of seconds”, because mine is crisp,clean, and not a second of the song is gone. I went through about 50 napster songs last night rerecording them. PERFECT RECORDINGS. sure its realtime recording, but its not that bad. Just next time youre listenin to a song, instead of playing it through napster, just play it with tunebite and rerecord it in the process. Hardly work at all. And even better, while you go over to a friends or somethin, just put it on auto mode. I have already had a great experience with it, and Im very pleased. I trieed muvaudio on my computer. I dont know if its my soundcard or what, but the quality was C R A P.probably soundcard though. Hmm. They say totalrecorders good. Maybe you should give it a spin. Or if you have a good soundcard, give muvaudio a spin.

First of all, Total Recorder is not free, you have to pay for it too, and is way to complicated, with lots of settings, and the result is the same.
As for Muvaudio, I agree with you, bad sound quality, and it’s not my soundcard, cause Tunebite works just fine…
OK, it’s free, but I want quality :eek:

Great, now I have to think about another software purchase!