Back to the old

Unfortunately i’m back on the old version :sad: as every film i produce is too dark.

I did some tests and:

if i read and write with the old version everything is perfect.

If i read with the old version and burn with v2 then it is fine.

If i read and write with v2 then it is too dark

And also if i read with v2 then write with v1 it’s too dark aswell.

There seems to be a problem in the new transcoding engine. Hope this gets fixed soon :iagree:

Read with ltd-166s
wrote with pioneer 106d

Xp pro
1gb 400ddr etc

This is a very strange observation. I have backed up three films …K-19, Toy story and Toy Story 2. Both seem to be of correct brightness and contrast. I compared the backups with the originals on my LCD computer monitor played thru WinDvd and on my projection TV with my standalone player. The backups are no different form the original in terms of brightness , contrast, color saturation et al. My projection TV is well calibrated. I dont doubt your veracity but I am not seeing this issue of backups being to dark with CloneDVD2

You are from arizona, which i presume makes your dvds region 1? Have been playing around a bit more and my region 1 finding nemo worked fine. The contrast was perfect.

i just tried Bad Boys 2, which came out yesterday in the UK and again the same thing :a

I really need to buy some dvd-rw as this is costing me about a £ a pop to test :eek: :sad:

Wonder if Elaborate Bytes will re-emburse me :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

No problems here so far with R2-titles and the Clone-Preview-Version.
Did 4 or 5 movies now, no one is too dark.


Ok did some more testing, and i’ve found the problem :cool:

After reading the discs, then playing the image on the virtual drive, and watching it on my laptop the quality was perfect. The brightness was there and all seemed great. This got me thinking that if if runs perfectly on my comp then it must be to do with the writing stage.

Now racking the old brain cells (note the plural) :bigsmile: , the only thing i was doing different (besides the version number) was witht v1 i had set the write speed to 4x NOT max and in v2 it was set to max.

Now with the UK version of Finding Nemo (which doesn’t actually come out til fri :smiley: ), I wrote one disc at 4x and one disc at max… I bet you can guess where this is going ;)… there was a huge difference in contrast and brightness…

What i find weirder, with my pionner 106d if i write at max speed, it takes 14mins 32 secs BUT if i write at 4x it took 28mins 48secs. :eek: (both from the same image)

To me that looks as though my 4x drive is writing at 8x!!! Of course the media i’m using (ritek, ritekg.04 dye) are only rated at 4x, which may explain the poorer quality.

I think i’m gonna have to buy some 8x speed media and see the results!!! Anyone had any experience in this??

At least i figured out the problem :bow: but it’s intriging if i can get 8x results (quality ones) from my 4x drive, or possably because i am pushing the drive beyond it’s parameters i will always get bad results…hmmmmmmmmm still working on it :slight_smile:

Now to Olli, what is the difference in selceting 4x and max??? Is there anything underlying besides just the faster speed? :rolleyes: (Of course)

I ran into a similar problem with V2 when I left the write at “Max” on a LG 4040B using x4 DVD-R media. The burning step would fail.

The following trial, I decided to control the write speed and when I clicked the drop-down write speed option, it listed a max write speed that didn’t relate at all to the specs of the drive: 1, 2/2.4, 4, 8, 16 and seems to include CD-R write speed as well.

I don’t know if CloneDVD is supposed to detect what type of media it is going to write to and the capability of the drive but this was my problem. Setting the burning speed to a conservative 2/2.4 solved the previous failure.

Conclusion, don’t accept MAX write speed without checking what CloneDVD “thinks” the drive max write speed is !


the time to write a dvd at 4x is around 15min and not 28 min.
28 min is the time to write at 2x…

backed up basic , burnt with clonedvd v2 @ 2/2.4x not much differance in quality seems by ok :cool: