Back to the 80`s GAME!

Oki startinga new Thread Game here now. Read the rule below.

Rules :

  1. The thing you refer to must be from the 80`s.
  2. The things you can refer to can be Movies, Music etc. ( not your fisth kiss and so on. ) , BUT you must tell us why you chose just that thing and what memorys you have to that special 80`s thing.
  3. You must wait to another user has replayed befor you can post a new one.

End of rules

Now just a guideline.
For others that may not know what your talking about try a search and find a site ore a pic. of what you talking about and link that in you replay. This is just so other don`t so easy get lost.

And Now I start The Game

I start with the Movie “Flashdance” that was shown on theaters in 1983.
I didt see the movie befor the end of the 80s when it was shown on the TV. I was only 8-9 years but seen it I thought that all girls would be like that when I was going my last year on school … and the movie has since the been a part of my 80`s memory.

More info about the movie here : Flashdance

Sticking with your movie theme…

Dirty Dancing… came out in 1987 …brought about the whole new bump and grind on the dance floor…i was just a baby but i love this movie…and the songs in it…and its guarenteed if we watch this movie together…there will be sex afterwards…cause i LOVE this movie that much…
Patrick Swayze …mmmmmm now just look into his eyes…that says…Have my babies.:smiley:

more info about Dirty Dancing

1988 - my first CD player.

I’m in the UK and the first CDs I bought were, Billy Idol - 11 of the best, and Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms. Can’t remember how much my hifi was but the CDs were something like £12.99 each. EACH.

We’ve moved onto 2006 and they are only £9.99 now. Looking back, how much was that relatively!

NES, self explanatory. :bow:

I actually just bought a new one a couple years ago. Replaced the contacts inside with gold ones and I no longer have to do the ol’ “blow trick” to get my games to work. My NES game collection is up to about 40 now. :clap:

That reminds me, 1981 my computer game.

Space invaders. All the lads would go out on the beer after work but I’d go home and play all night!

Ah, the TRS-80 colour (coco to those in the know :wink: ), now that was a computer. 4K ram, huge gaps between the keys, cartridge for games, dog slow basic, tape recorder that use to eat anything you put it it and a brick like joystick.
Still, I thought it was the best thnk in the world back in the day…

OMG the Commadore 64…programming in basic…
Pac Man…

I was born at the wrong time…

leg warmers…like what the girl wore in flash dance…

tank tops under over sized shirts…


The late 80`s … Micheal Jackson movie Moonwalker … I had to see it since a older cousin had intoduced me to MJ and Thriller earlyer on.

Micheal Jackson - Moonwalker