Back to stock help?

Hi guys,

I flash to some hacked firmware, but I wanted to go back to the latest stock version

But I downloaded the flasher from the pioneer website, but it doesnt work

can someone please tell me how I can flash back to stock firmware


if you are talking about the 107 use the the hacked flash program
i.e dvr flash with the stock firmware thats how i did it

ok i tried but for the flashing program it has two files the hacked ones R7100107.118 and R7100007.118

but for the stock ones all i have is R7100107.118, should i use the R7100007.118 one with the hacked ones with the R7100107.118 stock ones

replace the hacked R7100107.118 with the stock R7100107.118 file and flash it dont replace any of the other files :slight_smile:

thanks i will try it

just wondering what exactly is the R7100007.118 file about, is it the kernal or something like that

I guess the R7100107.118 is the actual firmware, but would be nice to know what the other file is


yes here’s a link about it from the experts

it’s about flashing from a pioneer back to oem drive but it give’s you the information about kernal and firmware parts i’m sure there is a better post there i’m just too lazzy to look for it