Back to reality

Hi guys Shane here, been over a year since I last posted, I will make it quick.

A so called mate grassed me to the local feds :cop: and I had a visit from a very friendly WPC, told me to destroy all me disks and format me hard drives. Was given 2 days and I got to keep me pc, just upgraded to a better spec. A good mate helped me with a few titles, as he has 2 meg link with aol.

Before I sign up for net access I want to move out of a 2 bedroom flat, to many bad memories. :sad:

Nice to see my account was left open, many thanks for that. :clap:

p.s. In May I am expecting a large sum of money from a car crash in 2003. It’s in court right now. I plan to pay a bank loan, a credit card and get my passport back from the British Embassy in WC USA. A holiday somewhere warm is on the cards. :bigsmile:

Sounds like a great mate …

I’d personally run down to the vid store, Shrink a few DVD’s & then mail the copies. After a few days, return the favour :slight_smile: