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I am coming back to plextor after a brief hiatus (using Liteon).

This would be my 2nd Lite- On 52/24/52 that failed within a year My older Plex 4/12, 8/20, and 12/4/32 are still working great and I am wondering if the Premium is of the same quality? ( as the older SCSI drives)

My friend has a 24 x ide plextor and it is noisy and shakes the whle tower even though it is bolted in firmly. I don’t want anything like that but I can’t go around replacing Lite-ons all the time… Can the Premium do the 1:1 SDs like the Lite-ons can?

Is there any thing the Liteon 52/32/52 can burn that the premium can’t.

I think the Liteons were cool and inexpensive but the ones I got were unreliable.

The Premium can copy SafeDisc 2 without a problem. Some people have reported that the drive is struggling with v2.90 but other have reported the Premium drive works without a problem. The Premium drive is, as far as I know, the only drive that can copy the new SecuRom protections using the BlindWrite software. More information on that can be found in this thread.

My Premium drive isn’t load at all. Of course, when you enable SpeedRead (by default the drive reads at 40x) it gets loader but it doesn’t shake my computer :wink: As far as reliability goes, I don’t think anyone can comment on this. The drive hasn’t been around as long as the old PX-W2410TA and even older drives. When you buy the drive in Europe you get a two year warranty period so that does mean the drive will last at least two years.