Back to Philips 824k/00?

Hi everybody

I have a philips DVDRW 824k/00 and i patched him for DVD-R/-RW support(firmware 2.2)…and later i found a firmware 3.3 (so i patched) but it was for 824k/40…So i can’t use any more official update for 824k/00

I finally patched with firmware for BenQ 822A or 800A , i can’t remember…(My DVD Writer Still works with DVD+R/+RW and CD-R/RW, i didn’t try DVD-R/-RW)!

Is it possible to flash back to philips 824k/00 fimrware 1.2 or 2.2…or can i use another BenQ firmware

Thanks a lot for a futur answer (in french or in english, and easy for me to understand please… lol)

(Sorry for my English, I’m a Young French )