Back to old fireware versie..?

I have a Liteon 24 speed 102B.

I have flash my liteOn to versie 5S54! But how can I turn back to my old Fireware versie.

I hope some wan can help me.

The Distroyer…


Do a search for the dos utility on this forum…you can go back to 5So7 with it…

Why do you want to go back?

The 5s54 version seems to be the best for me, compared to the others:

-No clicks in sound when shifting zones anymore(did sometimes happen before).
-Better media compatibility, but some brands is now limited to lower write speeds since they sometimes failed at 20X and 24X writing.
-Better read quality, but a bit slower at skipping errors in cloneCD, not much slower though.

I have read that the 5s54 version is the best fireware.
But I want to Now how you can go back to the old Fireware versie…

The Distroyer…