Back to firmware version USD1 SONY DW-Q58A


can somebody help me. now have have the firmware version UYS3 and must go back to the version USD1 to send the SONY DW-Q58A back to dell.
I have the firmware version USD1 in bin format but witch tool must i use to set the firmare version. I have use the tool LtnFW. But this program says for more than one hour Programming 100% and nothing happend with the drive.

Can somebody help me and tell how i can set the firmware version back.



check for tools and instructions. LtnFW does not work with firmwares of recent drives. Let’s hope, you haven’t killed the drive after attempting to flash the firmware with LtnFW.

Another option would be: Get the Dell FW in .exe format (with integrated flasher). Also get Flashfix and treat your Dell flasher with this. Then run the modified flasher.


Have you succeded in restoring back to uds1?
Please,help me,too!
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I only have the version USD1 in BIN format and i can’t find an .EXE format.
Is there a way to make a EXE format from a BIN format.

For what?

Use the flashers from the codeguys!