Back it Up, Is it Really Working?



I made a Backup disk using Nero Back it Up. Went through the process and at the end it said it was successful. Before I trust that I have a backup I want to see what is on the 2 DVD disk’s. I put in the first disk and open Back it Up to restore and am unable to find any *.nbi files on my DVD drive, same with the 2nd disk. How can I see what is on the Backup disk set? The disk’s are full of files so I’m sure something is on them. Newbe to the world of DVD and the forum, I’ll be back. I’m sure. Thanks


read the help files in nero its a boot disk or it should be. it all depends on how you have the options set, try using the wizard. it has saved me from many of the intentional crashes i have put my machines through for durability testing and overclocking. alot of the time when i crash a pc it wont boot to windows and these back ups are invaluable to restore the system. try setting bios to use cd/dvd drive as a boot path and try booting from the cd/dvd if it works you got it handled if not do as i suggested above and do a complete hard dive backup not just files.