Back in the Lite-On camp

After years and years of using my NEC 3520a, and going through 2 Lite-On 812’s I had to RMA, a 12xx, and a 16xx before I got the NEC, all of which wouldn’t burn worth anything using oldschool RICOHJPNR01’s (Wasted an entire 100pack spindle, and they weren’t cheap back then), I got fed up with Lite-On.

I just placed an order for a 20A4H-08 after seeing how much better Lite-On burn quality has gotten across the board. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed, and it’s nice to see the old faces in this section of the forums again.

If anyone feels like getting me back up to speed on Lite-On’s and the new tools, It’d be great.

  • Telkar