Back flashing 5005

I have a new 5005 (sn:0102-1840-0101-B20G/100-0100) I can’t get it to back flash to 098. I’ve read that you can do a direct HD filmware flash. What I need is some instrution on how to do either and or both.
Thanks Ken

I’ve read that you can do a direct HD filmware flash.??? Not sure what you are talking about. Yes you can backflash it to 0098 then a hacked 0098. What exactly do you want to do? Did you do a restore first where did you get the copy of 0098 firmware how was it copied to CD? I can send you the file if needed.

I want to backflash my recorder so I can do tapes with macrovision. And I cannot get my recorder to accept the back flash to 098. So how do I get my recorder to do tapes with macrovision??

A simple Video Stableizer will solve that problem. do you still want flashing help?

try this:

That did it. Thanks On the Video Stableizer will it on all video copy protect??/

If fw update not working you must be doing something wrong, Yes the Video stablizer should work for VCR copies for DVD???

This link has expired. I have the exact drive mentioned above.

Can you please re-link the same file…?

Also, Please correct me if I am wrong:

  1. I must back-flash to factory 098
  2. I must then re-flash with the hacked 098 to achieve macrovision free + 3hr recording modes



just use the file from the link I post it should work, tell me when you are ready so it will not expire. no need to flash org 98. I will not repost till you say ready.

works fine for VCR to DVD; DVD to DVD ???