Back-covers and CD booklets


I’m wondering: there are lots of sites that sell you CDs in MP3 format, but none of them seems to give you the back-cover and especially the CD booklet (when available). This is a major problem for me. Personally I like world-music, and it’s very important to know something about the group, its ethnicity, the region it comes from, the translation of the lyrics (when available). Are there any seller sites that give you the back-covers and CD booklets along with the MP3? When you’re buying a CD in digital format, aren’t you entitled to receive all the CD’s contents? When I buy a world-music digital album, the typical information I receive is :

01 - Thi Lar Mjei Jan(various)
02 - Myan Tha Pye Nya(various)
03 - Nwe Ni(various)

This is just ridiculous. Do all digital sellers disregard the CD booklets?

I think itunes gives you the covers but if you want te booklet you may have to search. You could try they have a lot of stuff there, I hope this helps.