Back at long last

My ADSL Router died on 8th Jan no access to internet for quite a while. Not only that when I moved to me new place my promise controller had lost my 40gig drive :frowning: I ordered an Adaptec Raid Card and that works great I have 3 drives attached to it, the 40gig which I have sold worked perfect on the new card, and also it accepts drives over 200gig something the promise controller failed on. Instead of sending the Promise card back to be repaired, I just put it down to a bad experience.

I lost my Nissan 200SX Twin Cam Turbo in may last year, some lad hit me at 70mph while I was stationary cus the car in front had stopped. His car looked like it had it a bulldoser. My car had anti collision at the front and rear bumpers, that took the full impact, it damaged the motor and it was written off. Lucky for me. One of the 3 police officers attending the scene left his signature on a form as I didnt have me docs on me at the time. He admitted full liabity to the police and they said he was driving with undue care for other drivers on the road. He also supplied a false policy number which I found out when I gave his policy number, I was told it didn’t exist, but when I gave the Car Reg it bought up the correct policy but due to the data protection act, I was refused on those grounds.

I got back in touch with the police and they got the policy number and paid him a personal visit to his house. They have now opened a case against him and he is in serious trouble. I had pains in me neck 4hrs after the accident and I was unable to move my nexk. I was rushed to the hospital and had a hard collar fitted and 4 x rays of my upper spine.(Because I attended hospital, on the day of the accident, it goes on my favour and gets documented.)

Since the crash I get random blackouts and I am not happy, I can never drive again and I don’t use me mountain bike much now, I don’t feel safe. The 1st incident I woke up on the floor, all I know I had a real bad pain in me head, I was rushed to hospital again an ECG was taken I was put on fluids, 8hrs later they let me go home. The worst incident I was washing my hands in the bathroom and next minute I woke up on the floor(concete), I tried A&E and couldn’t get through the lines were buzy. Then 2 incidents happened on another day, I fell against me TV and then collapsed into the wall :frowning:

As I was covered on me policy for Motor Legal protection(something I never knew about)They have been doing all the paperwork and getting ready for the court case against him. I saw a private doctor and he worked out 6/7 weeks for the whiplash cus it was real bad, and it has given post traumatic stress disorder as well as depression. I told him about the blackouts and he was concerned and told me to go and see my GP, as he has written this in his notes and advised my GP to send me for a neural scan to see if any damage(very scary) :eek:

The doctor told me it will be going to court, and things are being processed very quickly, I just have to sit back and wait now.

At the moment the only thing I am interested in and that is getting as much info and pics of Angelina Jolie aka Tomb Raider and Alicia Silverstone( my first choice). I really would love to meet Alicia in the states, damn if I had her number I would call her, but alas no addy address either. Maybe someone of the other fans I know on their personal forum will have a personal addy, here’s hoping :wink:

Sorry about the long post.:o

Greetz Intercept…:slight_smile:

I will start posting again but not right now on any forum, I am sure you will understand my reasons. As soon as I get the compensation I am off to the USA for 3 months, and I have been told if I meet a woman in that time and got married then I would never have to come back to the UK :slight_smile: Just a case of playing the waiting game.

On a more positive approach I have to say out of all dvd’s I have been watching, Blade Runner - Directors Cut is the best film ever made - Ridley Scott the creator :slight_smile:

You are really down on your luck…all I see from you is posts about misfortune and that you are back after a long time (sorry, story is too long to read it all)…

Hope luck is changing for you soon…

yikes…that sucks! Hope things turn around for you! Good luck!

On a personal basis I think it’s time to leave the UK and move to the US and start over, that is the best approach.

Greetz Intercept…:smiley:

Well you had a little luck, it could have been worse :slight_smile:

Man that sucks. Get well soon.


Thank you for the replies! :bow: