Back at last :)



Damm been off-line for almost 2 weeks now, nothing but problems with new motherboards and T/Bird processors going up in smoke. All sorted now, running nice and smooth


Welcome back…please fill us in on what happened…Im an AMD t-Bird user too.


I had my T bird for a while now with No Problems (200Mhz)


T Bird running @ 200MHz, u sure, must be a new chip AMD have bought out for the poor peeps! Lol dont take offence :slight_smile:

I had problems with my Asus A7V KT133a board, it fried 2 x 1.3ghz 266fsb processors, and totally smoked out a 1 Ghz processor. Man you could see the smoke, and the smell was terrible. When I removed the chip the ceramic was completely black underneath. Stupid me decided to touch the core to see what it was like, man it gave me a black blister. The prob was with the board shorting out and sending the incorrect voltage to the processors causing them to overheat. The primary IDE port would disappear at random as well. Was not impressed at all. My Tower looked like the grim reaper had paid a visit. :frowning: Anyway if any off you are thinking about purchasing a Thermo Engine V60-4210 from, I would stop and think about it very carefully. This baby can only be put on one way, get it wrong and the core is crushed, I know, I also killed 2 that way as well. What you have to do is position the h/s on top of the four little black sponges, and gently push the rear clip down with your fingers, dont use a screwdriver at all, next you have to use your thumb to lock the front clip into place. Use Artic Silver II H/S compund as well.

Greets from the UK…

B.T.W I am running an ATX revision 2.03 (350watt PSU)

Anyhow how I am having zero probs now, and the only way that h/s is coming off is when I pass away(only joking) I will stress once more that the new H/S should be fitted ONLY when you have the board outside the case on a flat surface. I have worked as a Novell Netware Admin/Systems support(3 years), have done various software/Harware installations for lots of clients, and never had any comebacks. I guess I got unlucky, thats it plain and simple. It proves no matter how skilled you, we are not infallible, and will make mistakes.


awww, Poor guy…U should have bought retail and then used their fan.

Anyhow My t-bird is running perfectly so far, btw you forgot to mention that u must use a 300w power supply or higher.

Good luck next time freaks.


i hope you had still waranty on them :wink:


yup didnt cost me one dime :cool: