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still struggling

I have just downloaded a movie and have recieved a CUE and BIN file.

anyone know how i play these??



try loading the BIN into a virtual drive such as daemon tools


ok, forgot to mention, please relpy as if you are talking to a 5 year old (thats the only chance of understanding what you are talking about) thanks


First you need a program called Daemon Tools. You can get that here:

The install Daemon Tools and then restart your computer. Once you have done that you will see in the tray a disk with a crack through it. Right click that, set the number of virtual drives to 1. Then “mount” the image by browsing for where the bin file you downloaded is. It will then appear to be a a CD rom drive. You can then play the movie with any player you like (Windows Media Player etc.)


cool thanks for that, got it playing on pc. is it possible to burn this movie to DVD?


It’s either a VCD or SVCD, it was meant to go on a CD for DVD players that can handle said formats. Give that a shot first, you’ll have to take more complex measures to get it to a DVD.


You can use svcd2dvd to convert .bin files to dvd. The first step you’ve already done. The second step is to extract the mpg from the .bin file. The svcd2dvd program can do that for you. After you get the mpg you just load it back into the svcd program and if you want you can create a menu, it will add some chapter marks automatically, etc. I’ve fit 6 vcds on one dvd and on a 2.5 p4 it takes about 45 minutes because it doesnt convert the whole file, it patches the mpg into a dvd compliant file. Its not free but you can download a demo here