Babylon 5

Plays fine in a regular DVD player, but won’t play on my PC? PowerDVD won’t run it.

When I try to back it up with DVDShrink it says the “parameter is incorrect”. When I try to use DVDFab it says “Get DVD Information Fail 4096”. I can pull some of the files with DVD Decrypter and then powerDVD will play them, but I still can’t shrink them with DVDshrink to fit on a disk? Any ideas?

Try to rip the entire disc with RipIt4Me.

After the cleaning step with fixvts, dvd shrink should be able to load the movie

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it’s still a no go. RipIt4Me uses DVD Decrypter to rip right? and when it opens I get this:

as well as a similar message on a few of the files on the disc. After aborting several files in decrypter it ran the fixVTS program and encountered some other problem and quit. Only files in the output directory were VIDEO_TS.bup and VIDEO_TS.ifo, but it did rip more than that. Im’ hoping this is just my not being familiar with RipIt4Me. Off to do some more reading…

I’ve been able to rip the main .bup and .ifo as well as the .vobs that have the episodes, but I still can’t shrink them because DVDShrink wants the files I can’t rip. I assume there’s an index or something it’s looking at. If there’s no way to rip the other files, is there a way to edit the index??

any help appreciated!

I think your best bet is to go to the Slysoft website and download thier trial of AnyDVD.

I had no problem using this on a Babylon 5 DVD.

I would not recommend shrinking because the results for me where not acceptable.

I am too cheap to buy D/L media so I used VideoReDo to separate the epsiodes onto individual files. Then used DVD Author to create new DVDs with new menus.

Hope this helps.


The error of dvd decrypter can be due to a scratched or dirty disc.

Anyway, dvd shrink needs to load a compliant video. If you rip only, files still contain some crap, and shrink will be not able to load the movie. You must first clean files with fixvts.

AnyDVD didn’t work either. It gets to the same file that has been choking every other decrytper I have, encounters a read error and aborts. I know it’s not either of my DVD drives fault because I just backed up seasn one of futurama.

What I find hardest to understand is that the disc won’t even play with PowerDVD. I have over 200 movies and have rented god knows how many from netflix and have never had a non-damaged disc fail to play with PowerDVD.