Babel not able to be copied with anydvd, dvd decryptor OR dvd shrink

Babel not able to be copied with anydvd, dvd decryptor OR dvd shrink…

I have tried three times now, dvd decryptor with any dvd ( latest as of right now ), and it copies to the hard drive no problem, then when burning with img burn ( latest version ), quits after half way with some error codes, complete trash.

Tried with dvd shrink 1:1 copy full dvd-dl using, and when ripping to hard drive it quits after about 75% or so with some bs error out of memory (which I have 4 gigs of memory in this pc and 1.5 tb of disk space ).

I dunno what to do, gotta return the movie today.

Probably not going to get any help in time to copy your [B][I]RENTAL[/I][/B] movie…

Moma don’t allow that bull@#$% kind of copying round here and we DO care what Mama don’t allow and we don’t do that crap anyhow I bet they are coming for you.

I backed up this movie with no problems at all, using AnyDVD and CloneDVD, and about 3 other programs. Try the 21 day free trial of CloneDVD2 HERE and then tell me how you make out, you have nothing to loose it free for 21 days.

What is with people helping users who do not have the DVD? It happened here also.

Perhaps the “Posters” who help, need to peruse this thread… :bigsmile:

well one of the helpers is a mod of this sub-forum :wink:
so it should be alright

Maybe he should read his own posts…

I did read my own posts bilbo65, but I also always give the benefit of the doubt. Just because the user said;

I dunno what to do, gotta return the movie today.
This does not mean he did not buy it and wants to return it. The only mention of a rental is in your post, so maybe you ought to read your posts.

That’s a heck of a strech…

I think your assumption of his returning a movie is a strech, he could have been returning to the store where he bought, even bought returns have a time limit. The point I am trying to make is that we are not here to accuse people when we are not definitely sure that they have broken the rules. All members will be given the benefit of the doubt.


I’m done…

I am glad you are done because that proved nothing. Move on.

Please don’t be a smart arse towards me. I did not do anything illegal. Sometimes people do not read the posts fully. It has happened a few times before. I was just pointing it out.

This guy did not mention rentals but his thread got closed aswell.

I was not even refering to you. I think you have your quotes mixed up.:wink: Do you actually read these threads?

love the charade of people claiming they “backup” their dvd’s in case they break.