Babel - cannot backup?



hi…been using dvdfab for awhile and this is the first dvd that I wasn’t able to back up. i downloaded the latest version and the decrypter, but still no luck. any insite? thanks.


We need a little more information to help you. Just " I can’t back this up ", is not enough. What are the problems, is it not decrypting? What errors are you getting? What media are you using? what is your configuration? I had no problems with this movie.


In all other cases, I bring up dvdfab, put the dvd in the e drive, and dvdfab reads the disk “source: e: movie…”

but when I attempt to back up babel, dvdfab doesn’t even read the disk.

this disk is a hd dvd, would that be why I am having difficulties?

thanks again!


I think that might be your problem (HD DVD) as I backed up that movie using FAB with no problem at all. But someone with more knowlege than me might be able to help you as I haven’t tried any HD DVD’s


As far as i know there are not any HD-DVD burners available. But if you have HD-DVD drive(reader) you can use AnyDVD’s HD version to read/rip it to your hard drive or view it with the right software and hardware.






Another senior moment huh :confused: , they seem to be closer and closer together my friend :bigsmile:


Is the E: drive a HD-DVD reader? You can download DVDFab Decrypter (free) and it will decrypt the movie and write it to a (large) file on your hard disc. Here is the link for the download of the new version:


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Do you have a DVD-Rom and a burner? Some DVDs if you put them in a burner and try to make a back-up by ripping to a file and then burn the file to a blank it jams it up. Its some sort of added copy protection. If you have both it may be the DVD you are trying to back-up itself. May have an error or even a fingerprint will sometimes stop you from completing the backup. I havnt seen a DVD i havnt been able to back-up in a long time and the guys who write DVDFab stay right on top with updates


Agreed ike51. Saw 3 was the last movie that needed a special update to fix that movie. But like you said, Fengtao was right on top of it. ~ Mike


I’ve used Verbaitim’s and a small percentage of them show in DVDinfo Pro that they were manufactured by Ritek/Ridata and I wouldn’t recomend that brand to anyone, from personal experience. (Over 3,000 disks burned) I am a photographer and transfer both images and video to disk and of course I backup the occasional movie. I’m with you totally on Taiyo Yudens - the best. Do you know of a good source (price) for dual layer Ty’s?


They do not make a DL, I wish they did too. Verbatim clams that they have standard that are kept when the contract with the people who manafature their DVDS.


#15 Also, These are good places to check out.


OOPS, my bad Mack. Thought they had released them


I found them here: - I have nothing to do with this site, I’ve never even bought anything from them but Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Dual Layer 8.5GB 8X White Inkjet Hub Printable are available I just don’t want to pay $2.88 a piece for them since I very seldom have the need for burning to dual layer media. Sorry this is kind of off subject.


Thanks, Maybe they will come down.