B7V9 won't burn TYG02 faster than 8X


I can’t get my BenQ DW1620 w/ B7V9 (speedpatched) to burn any DVD-R media at higher than 16X! I can select it, but it ends up just burning it at 8X. I’ve heard of this problem before, but I don’t remember how to fix it. :sad:

Anyone have a solution?


Try using P9 or T9.



No way to use U9 or V9? I’ve seen other burn @ 16X with V9. :confused:

Well, I couldn’t burn my MXLRG03 @ 12x w/ U9…but P9 = no problem.

Search the forums, or give it a try w/ T9 or P9.

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List of info needed and potential problems.

External enclosure? 80 pin cable? DMA problem? MS drivers installed? Tried burning with another application?
New problem, did you burn at 16X before but not now?
How do you know it is 8X and what app. are you using to burn?

Better do an FE/TE scan with Qscan and post the results.

No external enclosure, 80 pin ribbon cable, DMA enabled, MS drivers installed. Tried burning with Nero and DVD Decrypter; same results.

I can still burn at 16X/12X with P9/T9, but not with U9/T9. I know they are burning at 8X because the speed NEVER exceeds 8X, and in a CD Speed write test, the line stays right at 8X.

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong on my end. I’ve heard about many other people having the problem, and it seems to be a problem with U9/V9. Just wondering if anyone has any solutions.

Here is a Qscan of the Fuji TYG02 i’m burning:

and here is a quality scan. (not the greatest, I know, but not enough to limit the burn speed to 8X, right?)

Well there is definatly something not right here! Just tried a Nero Create Data Disc with Maxell RG03 and CD Speed set to maximum write speed. So this disc should have written @12x but only wrote at 8x. I did check MID write speeds with CD speed before and after the burn and they don’t agree. Did a Create Data disc Here with same FW and it did burn @12x :confused: The only thing I have done different is updated to Nero Not blaming Nero but could be this update has a glitch with B7V9 FW.

crossg: I’m using Nero What version were you using prior to upgrading? Guess that pretty much rules that one out! Also forgot to mention ProdiscF01 does exactly the same thing as above.

BTW. Forgot that I used ala42’s latest MCSE but only checked the increase read speed. Thx ala42.:slight_smile:

Do you have any TYG02 or similar high quality DVD-R media to test out @ 16X?

Burned this http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=994267&postcount=1229 yesterday with IMG TOOL @12x and have at least one recent 16x TYG02 burn in the Dare thread Here. If your not confused yet I sure am!!

I’m still on Nero v.… and there is no problem burning ProdiscF01 at 12x.
But I had no luck when changing write strategy to ProdiscF02. :confused:

Well I backtracked and reflashed with stock B7V9 FW W/O speed patch, No Joy! Reflashed with MSCE increase read speed only, No Joy! Completely uninstalled Nero including deleting Ahead folder from Program Files, rebooted and then did a fresh install of Nero, included a Nero MID check after burn. Problem Fixed! Only cost me 4 disc’s to find out because a Qsuite simulated burn would go to 12x but would only do a real burn @ 8x.:confused:

@RangeRoad Sorry about interrupting your thread as I thought the problem was related. Guess not.


no need to apology required. :slight_smile: All your posts were related to this problem, so, thanks!

Well this problem still exist and a new FW hasn’t arrived so I will add some more info.
Today Flashed both 1620’s on Primary Master (Safe Mode) to B7L9 then shut down twice, flashed to B7T9 shutdown and then to B7V9 shutdown. Flash was done on My S ATA drive hooked to (Intel Controller). Then I inserted a TYG02 Disc and checked it in both drives with DVD Identifier and every thing looked good all descriptors were there. Booted to one of my other HDD (Same Windoze) hooked up to my Promise 378 S ATA Controller (IDE Mode) and checked the same thing. The result is posted below. I am not sure if the controller has any thing to do with it and it may be Windoze or registry, but if the media is not being identified properly that could be the cause of the strange write speed problem. Hope this helps someone or someone can offer a an educated guess.:slight_smile:

It’s three months since my last attempts to burn TYG02 at 12x…
Today I wasted another 2 discs while trying to get it working. :doh:

crossg, I don’t think DVDIdentifier will lead us in right direction. As you can see in attachment, all my drives fail to display available burn speed information on TYG02 (and the same goes for MCC 03RG20, ProdiscF01…)
Clearly a bug, even in latest DVDIdentifier.

Today I also loaded QSuite2, feeded my drive with a Fujifilm branded TYG02, disabled WOPC, run a qscan (default) and tried to burn the disc with Nero CD/DVD Speed (4.01) at 12x.

This is all I got after a few spin-up and spin-downs. :Z

Restarted compu, put a new TYG02 in drive and disabled WOPC with Quikee’s WOPC Tool Once again I got the same error as in pic above… :frowning:

Not to waste the discs completely I finally decided to burn an image with DVD Decrypter. Same thing once again, a burn at 8x when 12x write speed was chosen.

My take on this… we have run into a BUG in B7V9 firmware. It’s up to BenQ to fix it.
I’m not waisting anymore (expensive) media on V9 firmware. Back to B7P9.

Yep I agree with you but maybe some of this info will help them figure it out and we can get a good working up to date FW for the 1620. If not we always have ala42’s MSCE and Quikee’s WOPC Tool. With this FW I have probably wasted 20 or 30 good disc’s.:frowning: