B7V9 & Optodisc 16x DVD-Rs

It looks as if when the V9 FW qas released BenQ forgot to add in the writing strategy for Optodisc 16x DVD-Rs. The only way my BenQ will burn them since upgrading from P9 is by turning off WOPC and then it burns them at 8X. I was able to burn these at 16x with P9 with very good scan results. Ah well if they read this forum maybe they’ll remember to include it in the next FW update.

Forgot to add the my Pioneer 109 will only burn them at 4x so at least the BenQ is ahead in that respect.

Sorry but what exactly is WOPC and how do i disable this?


Download the official Qsuite v 1.0, should be self explanatory from there. Let us know if you need anyhelp.

WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Control) Monitors the media while writing and adjusts the laser writing speed and strength, turning this off isnt recommended as writing quality wont be as good. Of course if you are using unsupported media or discs that produce bad burns turning off WOPC can sometimes help. Also with WOPC off, the writing speed increases so discs will finish faster.

I am having problems with BENQ 8X -r discs all of a sudden and B7V9. These are fujifilm media. I will try disabling if i find it in the guide mentioned above.

Im using P fw and it still burns the discs at 8x only even though it says that 16x is supported. Must be very low quality.