B7V9 not good-back to B7T9



I flashed to B7V9 and ran Qscan (under Qsuit) and my Fujiflim TY02 did not pass for 16x. I flash back to B7T9 and it is ok. Here are the images:


Hey mate, in future when taking a screen shot press alt+printscreen to select only the window that you want and load into your imaging software (without resizing). I only say this because the images above are very messy and hard to read.

Remember that newer firmware doesnt always mean better firmware, other people have different experiences with older and newer firmware versions.


Heh burn and make a PI/PIF scan then judge… usually QScan isn’t very reliable in telling if you can or can’t burn a disc at xy speed. In the end you always have to try it out. Also QScan 1.0 and QScan 1.1 (in QSuite) scans aren’t compareable.


@Chan: thanks for the tip. Never used Alt Prt Scr before.
@Quickee: Yeah, I’ll try that out. Even if it can burn at 16x, I suspect the results will not be good.


another thing: use different firmware for different discs. I’ve found that my two 1620s need different firmwares to successfully burn the exact same brand (DAXON AZ2) so keep that in mind. If you get a new batch of media, you might need to change the firmware again for best results.

1620 #1 needs BBFA (for the 1625 burner)
1620 #2 needs B7T9

It can take a lot of testing, but it’s worth it when you start to see consistent excellent results :slight_smile: