B7U9, Taiyo Yuden, huh?

Is this considered a ‘good’ burn? I don’t understand the Quality Score, it’s only 95? It looks like a good burn to me, but the Quality Score is low. What am I doing wrong?

edit: I should mention, this was burned at 16x overspeed…

Ignore the quality score read the graphs

top graph < = 280 lower is better
bottom graph < = 16 lower is better
bottom jitter < = 15% closer to 8% is better.

A benq scan unlike kprobe on liteon is sum8/8 not 8/1 thats why the bottom graph is not read as < = 4. Like speed3 or kprobe liteon scans are. :slight_smile: This scan is very good, you could not ask for any better. :slight_smile: