B7U9 & Ritek DVD+R DL



Just burned one of these using U9 & got a quality score of 30. Does anyone know if P9 has a write strategy for this media or should i say one that works?


I assume your MID is RITEK D01 (2.4x DVD+R DL).
You can try firmware **P9 or **T9. They both have write strategy laid out for this media.

I never used this media on my BenQ though…


I’ve burned Ritek DVD+R DL with B7P9 & it never came out that great, you’d be better off trying B7T9 or B7U9 to see if there are any improvements, though I havent burnt this media with either firmware as I have stuck to Verbatim DVD+R DL because its much better quality.


On my nero info tool page…it reads bottom of the page…Dvd Features (1) CSS checked
(2) CPRM not? anyone know why this is so.??


I thought I read that Ritek uses a different write strategy on their DLs and this is why the BenQ has trouble with it.


ritek and benq dun match…try mkm dl…works great


The Ritek DL discs are manufactured quite differently to the MKM001, and as such are far more prone to manufacturing defects and variations in quality.

Please show us the scan of your burn. See [THREAD=119042]this thread[/THREAD] about saving and attaching scans.


They had a close look at the 16x and DL media. All drives burned the Verbatim DL media well (LG, Sony and Toshiba tried too hard and should be restriected to 2.4x rather than 4x) but most had problems with Ricoh.

The media is manufacture using the “inverse stack” method in which 2 halves are glued together. This supposedly reduces productions costs but requires that the halves be positioned very precisely for gluing. The optical properties differ from the Verbatim media (2P method), so that separate strategies are required in the firmware. Very few drives can handle them at present:

  • BenQ and MSI abort the burn after the first layer
  • Sony and Waitec completed the burn, but the second layer wasn’t readable
  • LG, TDK and Toshiba had much higher error rates on layer 2
  • Plextor, Ricoh and Samsung were OK.

cant remember where i read from …


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This is the scan of the Ritek DL burned with B7U9. I got a score of 30 with the first scan using U9 then flashed back to P9 scanned again and got a score of 35. The strange thing is it plays back fine in my LG DV-7832.


basic question does it play well??..

cause there is no P0 failures…


Yup. I haven’t tried it in my Yamahas but my LG plays it just fine and the LG will let you know right quick if a disc isn’t to it’s liking. It doesn’t seem to like Prodisc -Rs for example but will gladly accept the Prodisc +Rs.


is there another version other than RITEKD01?? :confused:


There’s another brand, Verbatim, that burns well in the BenQ.