B7U9 is here!





Hef > WTG …Any sign of the new tool?


you are real fast…dammm…


Release Reason:

  1. Improve WOPC algorithm.
  2. Improve the writing quality for MKM DVD+R DL media.


Improve means faster or better (or both? :D)


well…still have to be patient…


WoW B7U9 even loads with ala42’s MCSE Tool :cool:


Yeah I had a quick link on my desktop, that firmware couldn’t have been up there long as often as I’ve click on it tonight. I see no tool.


YAY! :smiley: So much for testing this 3520A tonight, time to do some burning on the good old BenQ! WOOT! Thanks, Hef!


Better look again… it is missing +R mid codes… just like some other FW releases before P.

Use MCSE on this version at your own risk!! :smiley:


Good eye. Just reloaded it and saw that :wink:





So tell me, how is the WOPC improved?
P9 vs. U9


The scan…
P9 vs. U9




I dont see any improvement with this firmware with RICOHJPN R01 @8X
my first burn and scan with B7S9 and the second burn with B7U9


Should i flash back and do the B7L9 trick first? or can i go straight from B7P9?


It must be update in safemode or windows???
Could anyone give me some suggestion…


I didn’t update mine in safe mode, but some recommend it, I don’t think it’s necessary. And you can upgrade from any version also.


I flashed mine in windows. I already burned 2 coasters, MAXELL 8x DVD+R (RICOH). I’m burning a TY 8x speed DVD+R disc as I type this. We’ll see if this one works and what the scans are like. So far from the scans I’ve seen they don’t seem to impress me. :wink: