B7T9(maxell002) and B7V9(sony08d1)...but not the other way around



so with the t9, i can burn the maxell with great scans, but if i use sony, then the pie levels hit 200-500 near the end everytime [side note, prodiscf01 dvd-r burns/scans fine on the t9)

now with v9, the sony burn/scan great, but the maxell errors out with invalid write address(dvd decrytper), or compatibility error (nero) everytime

how can v9 mess up the maxell002…

does it matter if i flash the drive using cvt files or the built in exe cause this is annoying the heck out of me

i dont wanna keep switching firmwares just for +r and -r usage


quote : “does it matter if i flash the drive using cvt files or the built in exe cause this is annoying the heck out of me”
No it doesnt matter, this is the luxuary of the 1620, u can change the firmware through cvt and .exe they are the same thing, the .cvt was used for oem earlier that didnt share the same B*** and G*** coding; but the t9 and v9 should be in .exe fromt he links pprovided; i have all the firmwares in .exe from the t9 to the v9 and change it whenever i want…sure its a pain, but what the heck…nothing is perfect.


>>this is the luxuary of the 1620

NEC has .bin or .exe too.
Liteons too…


ok so how can a later firmware ruin a media that burned fine earlier (where the v9 cant burn the maxell at all but the t9 is perfect for it)

why would they tweak it to mess with earlier codes, just improve what needs to be improved and leave the rest alone (if it aint broke, dont fix it type of rule)


Just got finished burning about 20 Maxell002 Hub printables using B7V9…all very good. I’ve burned Sony04D01’s to good results with the same firmware…don’t know what to say.

I know the BenQ will try and overspeed Maxell002’s with B7V9…don’t let it. Go with it’s rated 8x (12x isn’t too bad). 16x is the kiss of death for Maxell’s.


hmm strange then, im using the blue top maxell, the ones u buy in retail stores

i burn at 8x with maxell , same with sony08d1, never overspeed…

anyone else with advice,comments?


no sure about your problem…but do the L9 trick first then flash to V9 using .cvt then it think it may cure the problem…might be a bad flash Lo


yea the l9 trick doesnt work

its t9 for maxell002 and v9 for sony08d1 for me…dunno why

using philips 3.5 and it seems to be the same as t9…so i’ll just use 3.5 for maxell till either 3.6 or w9 comes out…else i have to use up my maxell002 with 3.5/t9 and then flash back to v9 for my sony08d1