B7T9 and prodiscr03



Hi, yeserday I upgraded to FW B7T9 and burned 5 dvd with the new spindle of memorex+r 8x who are prodiscr03 I tried at 8x and 12x and everytime I’m doing a read test with cdspeed or dvdinfopro near the end it stop with error, am I the only one with this problem…

I made some test with some ricohjpn and another cheaper brand and all burn and scan fine…


Try ejecting the disc from the drive when it’s done burning (you’ll see a red light) and then putting the disc back in to be scanned. Just a thought.


Is the error message something like “no additional sense…” if that is the case, reflash FW again.

My fix was, I reflashed using Dangerous Brothers Dos flasher and then B7P9 exe file from Benq’s support site.