B7S9 with cheap -R media

I have a bunch of cheap media (picked up a few 50-pack spindles at $9.99 canadian each), and thought I’d chime in with how they burn on B7S9.

First is AN32. I’ve not been able to find out who the actual manufacturer is for this stuff. 4x -R media. It’s not a scan to brag about, but really it’s not so bad considering some of the scans that were reported in the past on this media.

Then there is Yi Jhan 001, Taiwanese 4x -R media. A little better than the AN32 stuff. Sort of interesting how it’s backwards from some cheap media. Worst is at the beginning, and steadily better reads as it progresses with no end-spike at all.

Neither scan had any scandisc errors at all. Both types of discs work just fine in my cheapo standalone DVD player - no skips, no pauses. All in all, this drive and firmware seem to work well with the low-end media.

Interesting, I have some Yi Jhan 001, C$9.99 for 50, pretty cheap but with B7P9, it’ll start pause/skipping if burnt over 3.5G, looks like I have to flash to S9 to see if there is any improvement.

DVD-R 4x Dupsonic media (White Thermal) bought at newegg for $15.99 for a 50 pack. These things playback perfectly in all stand-alone devices I’ve tried including XBox, Zenith Allegro ABV341, and my new and wonderful Sylvania DVC845E that plays EVERYTHING perfectly no matter how bad the burn was originally… Here’s my best scan to date - I was dinking around with DVD Shrink 3.2 and burned with DVDDecrypter at 4x. :bow: :bow: :bow:

S9 really rock for these cheapo Yi Jhan 001, I can burnt a movie and no skipping at all with them, before S9 , I can’t avoid skipping if I burn over 3.5G.

BTW, T9 won’t even start burning these cheapo, hang in writing lead in forever.

It’s probably best not to use cheap media. Burn of all them using B7S9 and then buy some good media and change your firmware. You get what you pay for.

This is a scan from an AN31 4x disc, ignore the read speed on the graph, its wrong & I have fixed it since I did this 1st scan. The read was done at 4x though

Just flashed to the B7T9 firmware and get this from some 8x cheap media,This is a very cheap “Budget 8x DVD-R” Disc. Its a fake TY

I have never been able to burn these discs on my drive before the T firmware.

These are ideal for me as a backup for a movie I own & can burn again if needed

I use them to back up my DVD collection, if they fail, I’ll just back up another for C$9.99/50, I have nothing to lose.

For family photo collection, I use Maxell and the results from P9, S9 and T9 are about the same, may be a few % points difference in scanning software but I don’t live by the numbers.

I hear yah.