B7M9 supports C2 scanning

Tried scanning a CD with CD-Speed an it correctly shows C2 errors :smiley:

As far as i’m aware, this firmware does NOT support C2 error reporting.

There are basically two methods to report C2 errors.
A standard method which can be useful for detecting errors during audio extraction with certain CD rippers (for example CD DAE, EAC, PlexTools and Feurio)
A non-standard method which can only be used to measure disc quality.

The BenQ drives don’t support the standard method. This is the method Nero InfoTool reports.
But BenQ drives can report C2 errors with the Disc Quality test.


I burned a Ritek CD-R 48X disc using the create data disc function on the DW1620(B7M9). Then checked it with the disc quality test. It did not report any C2 errors. I also noticed that Show C2/PIF string is not grayed out. Is it possible that this disc has no C2 errors to report.

Yes. You really need a bad disc to see any C2 errors :wink:

A scan of a high quality disc should show no C2 errors and the maximum number of C1 errors should stay below 20.

Thanks Erik

Nero Tool Kit…BRILLIANT!!!
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