B4 vs. B5

Apart from DL capability what else is different? For instance I get a worse burn on FUJIFILM03 @ 8x than with stock 1.06 firmware (dated 19th dec 2003)?

Is B4 from the same stock firmware as above and using the same untouched write strategy for that media code? I am wondering is it’s worth trying B4 over B5/stock 1.06

B5 is just a dl patch applied. No improved write stratergies (or very few) but has bitsetting

B4 has no DL support but has all the improvements, so at the mo and until b6 comes out, unless you are burning DL discs stay with B4

Ah. I thought B5 had the improvements. My bad if that’s the case. I will have to try B4 then :wink:

Hang on. I just read that B5 has all the imrovements from B4 and then some. At least that’s what it says in the B5 thread.

b4 is based on HP oem 2500 fw 1.27, b5 is based on the HP 2510a oem fw 2.21 only HP oem fw has bitsetting stock nec none oem fw 106 107 does not.

Both these fw b4, b5 have all harries rpc1, ripspeed, media speed hacks added.

Yeah I just don’t seem to get very good writes on FUJIFILM03 with B5. I was wondering if B4 was any better.

ah sorry, i was reading an earlier firmware. lol. give b4 ago and see if it’s any better