B3HC.cvt file


sorry for this outdated topic but i really needed a B3HC.cvt file to upgrade my dvdr842p and I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore since all the links seem to be down :frowning:

i would really appreciate it if someone could please send it to me… :bow:

thnx in advance

Hi and Wecome to the forum, I never even heard of that firmware or drive. Is it a DVDRW? I hope someone else here has this information for you. Sorry.

It’s an old firmware for Benq 822A, you can download it here


it’s the original exe not the cvt but you should be able to flash your drive with bqflasher
Known firmwares for 822A are B3EC, B3HC, B3IC, B3JC, B3JCY, B3KC, B3LC, B3LC-2

thnx for the reply and the welcome :slight_smile:

it’s an old benq firmware from the 822 model i think…i have an old phillips dvdr842p model (aka dvdrw842k/00 or dvdrw842K/20 in my case since i have the 2.2 firmware on it)…for some reason, it just stoped working one of these days…i press the open button but nothing happens, just a short sound and…nothing…I already tried opening it with the emergency button, and once open, it closes normally…just doesn’t read anything and won’t open normally again so i thought maybe a firmware change would help…since 2.2 is the latest fw from phillips i’m trying to change it do benq firmware but i need this B3HC old firmware first since all fw after it have a check-up utility that doesn’t let me upgrade because of my phillips fw…

LedZeppelin, thnx…i’ll try it with bqflasher =)

edit: there’s a problem…bqflasher can only open .exe after B3KC which i’m not sure it would work properly on a dvdrw842K/20 drive…so if someone has the cvt file, i would still appreciate if u could just send it to me… :rolleyes:

I just e-mailed a friend of mine i think has it so and if no one sends it to you i’ll see if he has it to send to you.

Nope can’t help you sorry.

I’m not at all surprised BQFlasher can’t handle B3KC firmware… :cool:

You better check this link with B3KC.cvt firmware (posted here ) and use BENQCVT DOS flasher. My thanks to The Dangerous Brothers. :clap:

Note, B3KC.cvt is 2 MB in size… :wink:

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Marry Christmas alan1476 and welcome to BenQ world. :smiley:
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Known firmwares for 822A are B3EC, B3HC, B3IC, B3JC, B3JCY, B3KC, B3LC, B3LC-2
And BenQ links to all of them here

pinto2, thnx for the reply, but what i really needed was the B3HC ctv file, which is the the one i haven’t been able to find, since even in the site u mention the link to it is offline…

but maybe i could just use that B3KC cvt file with winDWflash right away on my drive, since i was going to use the B3HC just so that i could flash the latest firmware there souldn’t be any problem right?

Okay RPaynePT, if you still want B3HC… Here it is.
Thanks to The Dangerous Brothers. :clap:

BTW, google and/or search are great tools…

[I]Edit[/I]. RPaynePT, all links working here. Make sure to disable any firewall and learn to use Mozilla Firefox. :wink:

i did search…i just didn’t find them :rolleyes: thnx for your help!

well, i just flashed the drive and had no problems…unfortunately, my problem still remains…the drive just refuses to open :frowning: did any of u ever seen this type of problem or have any idea on how to solve it?

edit: i just checked…the B3EC and B3HC on the firmware page are both offline…u may be able to download them but they are corrupted…i may not know much about firmware but i still know how to use firefox :wink:

Sorry, I answered in a hurry because I’m on the way to pub for a few beers.
Yes I’ve seen that kind of problems quite many times and search might also give you answers.
A firmware flush won’t cure that problem, unfortunately.

BTW, alternative BenQ DW822A stock firmware link, but best is to use TDB’s .cvt firmwares though… :wink:

no prob pinto2, thnx anyway…i’ll try searching for it again