B&W clone setting

Do you have to turn ‘repair sub channels’ on or not when writing your B&W ?
Can any1 help me please ?

Don’t repair SubChannel Data is only used for PlayStation games. You should use Fast Error Skip since B&W is SafeDisc 2 protected :slight_smile:

Greets and goodluck

Reading with ultraplex 40 Writing with Plex is 4/2/20 firm 1.01 en clone read with fast error skipping and writting without repait subchannels. After burning in another pc the autorun won’t start at all. Even in the burner ! Click on autorun on the cd the following messages will show: Dit programma heeft een ongeldige bewerking bla bla bla etc. Funny this is my first not working game ever whit clone ! What’s wrong ?

Seems to me like a bad copy and has nothing to do with the copy-protection of B&W… A “ongeldige bewerking” indicates damaged files so maybe you should try it again at a lower reading speed like 4X which is best for SafeDisc 2 even with a PleXReader…

Greets and goodluck