<b>Rumour: </b> Is CloneCD smarter then ever ?!

If youd have read the text above , and have a little knowledge of how things in computers work youd have known . Basicly it just recovers the ECC data in the Subchannel of an sector by recalculating the ecc data if the normal data is good. ViRuZ

Hello ! I made a perfect copy of: RA2,NHL2002,Max Payne,F1 2001,Project Eden ; all works just like an original. Thanx to CloneCD and Clony XL- for settings,and thanx to Plextor 24/10/40 for the best hardware on the market :4

Can i make a working backup of opeation flashpoint,RA2, Max Payne ecc. (games with Safedisk2) with: Plex 40ts “on fly” with Plextor 16/10/40??? And… the betablocker work on clone cd thanks for the reply…

plex40ts firmware 1.05 Px16/10/40 firmware 1.03