<b>Rumour: </b> Is CloneCD smarter then ever ?!

I just posted the article <b>Rumour: </b> Is CloneCD smarter then ever ?!.

It’s only yesterday that we reported that there is a new version of CloneCD, but according to someone reactions on this newsposting, this version could have some hidden tricks in it, that really…

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This new feature is just a PRETTY SIMPLE implementation of ECC regeneration When you copy a CD in RAW mode you have alot of chance to deteriorate the Result, this is better explained on this address http://www.cdrfaq.org/faq03.html#S3-18

correct me if I am wrong but what it means is that if clonecd knows the sections does not have copy protection data( errors) it will burn the data in a non raw mode like EASYCD would for that section.

i never liked cloneCD. it always had those screwed up data rates. 1x = 148kb/sec, what the hell is that?

jimkiler: yes something like that,but is still RAW mode but with software ECC regeneration provided by CloneCD, that’s means in someway that CLONECD is not doing a 1:1 copy

does this mean that people with SD2 capable writers will now not produce the perfect copies they could before, but “modified” copies?

why change a winning team

Sorry guys I did a test with Operation Flashback with the new Clonecd which suppose to have the Betablocker built in! No such luck, its just a rumour, I have tried it and it DOESN’T WORK :c If I make an image on OP FB, and then patch it with BetaBlocker and then reburn with clonecd it works without a hitch. :8 I spend alot of time testing theories out, and I am afraid this is a complete lie, in an attempt to win back peeps who may have given up on Clonecd. I tell it how it is, and speak no lies. Take it how you want, but I understand for than you think, and I have plenty of time over the next 4 years to do as much testing for CDFreaks as needed. I will always deliver the goods, that you can be assured of. So for now make an image with CloneCd, then patch with Beta Blocker, and then reburn with CloneCd for a perfect copy. Remember if you want too make further copies you have to do the whole procedure again, unless you leave the patched image on yer drive :8 GrEeTs FrOm ThE UK/USA

I tried it with The Sims:House Party, it didn’t work.

Okay, I’ve tried RA2 with it. These are the settings: sub audio, sub data, fast error skip (0 retry, no data correction), and rip in full speed with Ricoh MP7163A. Burn with max speed and it works perfectly in asus 50x (It didn’t work before, only works with betablocker).

I tried it with RA2 and it didnt work, the same image patched with betablocker did.

oh yeah that was on a plex 12/10/32s

Same drive as me Rainman :8

I just tried to make a copy of Max Payne with the new clonecd version. I hab a yamaha 2100s and I did get a working copy with the beta blocker and the old clonecd version but not the new one… the copy would not work and I even could not patch the new image with the beta blocker… :c

RumoUr - RumoUr has a second ‘U’ in it

Made a perfect working 1:1 copy of Max Payne Reader Ultraplex 40max Firmware 1.03 Writer Lite-On 24102B Firmware 5S07 Media Verbatim 700MB (1X-16X comp.) CloneCd settings: Fast error skip Read (plextor): max write (Lite-On): 24X Time 5.03 minutes Tried it on a a already installed version. No probs Tried it on a clean full installation. No probs. CloneCd rulez :7

Reaction by Rowy on Thursday 25 October 2001 Made a perfect working 1:1 copy of Max Payne Media Verbatim 700MB (1X-16X comp.) CloneCd settings: Fast error skip Read (plextor): max write (Lite-On): 24X Time 5.03 minutes ??? with my plextor 16 i made a 700Mb CD in 4 minutes… you with a 24x in a time of 5 minutes ?? strange thing. Cmq plextor + CloneCD + ClonyXL RULEZZZZ :4 :4 Yamaha… :r :r

wharever1, it’s already known clonecd doesn’t make exact 1:1 copies, if you read some articles here i’m sure you’ll find the link to the technical explenation why it isn’t an exact 1:1 copy (i forgot the url ;))

Olli’s post @ Clone Clinic about all this SD2-crap: “This “regeneration” feature seems to cause a lot of confusion, so I should clarify what it does. When reading a data sector in any “RAW” mode (2352 bytes/sector and up) you get 2048 bytes user data + “other stuff” like ECC/EDC (Error correction information). CDs tend to get “scratchy”, so the error correction is used to check and recreate the 2048 bytes user data. Since V2.x CloneCD has e ECC/EDC correction in Software (cool feature! I hope you are clever enough NOT to disable it in the FES settings), which could “repair” some errors on the disc. Now I hear you scream: “Hey, you are not making IDENTICAL copies!” Well, yes. But I make “better” copies, so who cares? If a sector has errors which CAN be corrected, they SHOULD be corrected BEFORE the copy is made. Otherwise errors on the original would be on the copy + the errors which may happen to be on the copy. CloneCD 3.1 goes one step further. If a sector passes the CRC check (User area checksum matches) the ECC/EDC is regenerated. Why? It might be possible, that an error happens to be in the error correction part of the sector and is therefore unnoticed. If later on the copy an error is added to the user area, the error correction might fail to repair the error because it might be corrupted, or the CD-ROM would need retries to read such a sector. With CloneCD 3.1 you get “fresh sectors” all the time, UNLESS the error is not correctable. If it isn’t, it will be written “as is”. Further, some CD-Roms like to deliver garbage in the ECC in certain situations. I hope you got the point. Regarding SD2: Maybe it “might” work better now. If it does, good for you. The change wasn’t made with SD2 in mind. The “regeneration” change gives an overall enhancement of the copy, so it “might” improve the ability of CloneCD to copy a certain title on certain equipment. There is no “in-built” BetaBlocker or anything similar. If there was, I wouldn’t be able to sell CloneCD in certain countries like the USA.” Hope this clarifies it all once and for all! :slight_smile:

Hi all, this all sound’s quite strange, think about “But I make “better” copies, so who cares?”… . How can a copy get better than an original? :4