<b>Operation Service Pack:</b> mission accomplished

I just posted the article <b>Operation Service Pack:</b> mission accomplished.

As some of you might have noticed, we had a little downtime half an hour ago. This was caused by the migration to the new server. After running for only 10 months, the old server (an AMD Duron 850…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4682-bOperation-Service-Pack_b-mission-accomplished.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4682-bOperation-Service-Pack_b-mission-accomplished.html)

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well, good to see you back anyway !

Nooo, not wIntel!!! =)

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Great to see this great little site going from strength to strength - nice one ! :4

Even Duron can be a great server, interesting! :slight_smile: I think my P42533/1024MB can be a great server too then!! :slight_smile:

And I indeed can’t enter the forum! :frowning: Argh

For the time being, use this URL http://club.rmg.cdfreaks.com Im sure Domin8tor will announce when the normal link is working properly again.

as long as CDFreaks doesn’t leave us anytime soon, this is the first website I check everyday.

I check this site nearly every day and sometimes several times a day :slight_smile: