B&N Nook may suffer from higher e-book prices

I just posted the article B&N Nook may suffer from higher e-book prices.

Nook sales may be lower due to higher e-book prices

Read the full article here: [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/21443-bn-nook-may-suffer-from-higher-e-book-prices.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/21443-bn-nook-may-suffer-from-higher-e-book-prices.html)

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Really! A 20cent difference in a book isn’t going to make a big deal. Yes, the titles 3-4 dollars different will be a bit harder for a consumer to buy. But they are already locked into the device. They don’t have to pay anything to try out the books, and if they want, they can go in store and browse the entire text of the book, Free! Also, there will be lots of other options then B&N for books because of it’s ePub format and Google Connection. While they would have to have some tech savy to transfer it over physically without the help of either form of wireless here.

You are right about one thing, The price for e-books is ridiculous. 9.99 for a 2-3 year old title that you can pick up for pennies + shipping on half or amazon marketplace. That makes no sense, all that has happened was the transfer of a couple kilobytes.

I plan on picking up a nook, after the first wave of consumers have tested it out and hopefully after it has seen a price drop or special promotional pricing. I believe pricing wars between amazon will ensue if this device is successful. Making price for both device and book more competitive.