Sorry gotta ask but what the hell is a B&M store ??


Big and Manly???


Brick and Mortar. A store you physically go into and talk to live human beings, no matter how unintelligent they are. :slight_smile:


you never know, it might just have been.

Ah i see…



S_S’s reply is the funny one :bigsmile:, whilst jhtalisman’s is the correct one. :smiley:


Here’s the B&M Store. :smiley:


Only shop at B & M stores
thanks for the explination.:slight_smile:
SA is still 100 years in the Dark Ages.:wink:
Shipping ,Currancy exchange rate and more :Z


ROTFL :bigsmile:

@Diane sorry to hear that :sad: - I usually shop mainly in B&M stores too, due to the fact that to shop online I need to use my mum’s credit card. Don’t like to do it too often :slight_smile:

Look on the bright side though: you get to have the nice stuff in your paws straight away without having to wait for delivery :smiley: