[B]I Need Help Please w/I COPYDVD2[B]



Hi There! I just joined the Forum to try & get help with I COPYDVD2.

I just replaced my HDD & reloaded OS (Win XP SP2), ANYDVD, DVD Decrypter & I COPY DVD2. I used all of the items before w/o any issues, but I’m having a problem now.

When I try to write the DVD copy to a blank disc, I get a message that it “can’t write the disc, & to check the Log File for info”. When I checked the Log File, this is what it says: “Can’t write: size of scanned files is too big for that kind of media”. This issue had never surfaced using the original HDD. I COPYDVD has an ‘autofit’ feature, so this message should never come up, and it never had before.

I get this error whether I use the DVD Decrypter first, or when I use I COPYDVD2 alone.

Any ideas that may point me in the right direction? The DVD discs are 16x 4.7g, and they worked w/o a problem before.

Thanks in advance, & if you want to post this on the Forum, please feel free…we really need to solve this issue! :bow:


Please do not cross post. You have posted this exact post in two different forum. This against forum rules I will delete post and leave your other thread open.:cop: