[B]DVD ROM doesn,t Play[/B]

hi got i problem with Compaq DVD ROM Laptop it,s only works for CD-R (NOT With CD-RW,DVD) before works with Every CD and DVD,
Any Body have idea
PLS Help me

Please don’t double post and make another thread with the same question, it adds to the clutter and the admins don’t like that :slight_smile: .

I’ve had a few drives go bad in that same way, will see a CD but not a DVD. You could try cleaning the rubber tire that spins the discs in the drive or the lens (VERY gently), but sounds like your drive might just be screwed.

Make sure you try other discs to make sure it’s not a media problem you’re lookin at. If possible, try the drive in another laptop to eliminate whether it’s the drive or the laptop causing the problem. Sounds more like the drive than the laptop to me though.

When you say won’t play, you mean you just can’t play the movie, or the disc isn’t even recognized? That could mean a big difference of what may be causing your issue. If you click into My computer, is the DVD disc recognized as being there? If it is, then you may have some kind of other issue rather than a bad drive.