[B]check this out, burn quality? which is better firmware?[/B]



hey everyone,
Did anyone notice that the earlier firmwares are much much much better in writing quality.
I burnt a cheap media quality disc called 4x DVD-R PRINCO on my 812s, US0J, Lastest firmware.
What i have notice is that the quality when writing with lastest firmware is really really shit, it gets constant spikes, and very very high PI, thats barely readable, even when i burnt on Ritek G04. But when i converted back to US0F i got better writing quality, but then i reverted back to US03 i had the best writing quality…

look @ my scan below about:
812S [US03 Firmware] burnt at 4x on [4x PRINCO DVD-R]
who says 812s dun burn good on low quality cheap medias? :confused: i rekon the firmware liteon makes is the problem!@ :bigsmile: :wink:


There is a thread in the NEC forum about Princos going up to 8x… and in that thread, there are people complaining about how well their Princos burned and how they read perfectly fine after the burn, but 6 months down the line, they can’t be read any more.

1/ Princos are crap, whether they burn fine or not.
2/ Princos are technically illegal.
3/ Princos are variable. Just because one disc will burn fine won’t mean the next will. Just because one batch will burn fine won’t mean that the next will. There are countless reports of Princo quality swishing around.


yeah ive heard of those rumours… but is it a fact that they actually detoriate/unreadable after 6months? anyone have this problem??
if its true, ill stick with riteks… :rolleyes:
btw im not saying princo are the best just that liteon newer firmwares suck in my experience, i get shit PI/PO with lastest, but the stock firmwares it gives me the best :confused: