Azureus woes

Ok i’ve had Azureus for some time…and no problems…but
the last 2 days i’m having all kinda troubles…my dsl modem took a dive and died on me so i had to replace that…now when i tried to log into Azureus… i get an error message that reads

failed 10 times

Something is very wrong!!!

ok when they used 3 !!!'s and say something is very wrong i get worried
i logged in anyway…and all my uploads started super seeding…ALL OF THEM…whats going on?

searching it looks like a java error. here are a coupla fixes:



looks like you may have auto updated? or your java is old?

I have updated java…and reset the windsock and it still …gives me that danged error…i’m just ready to give up…
burn what i have left of my movies…and get a new client :wink:

Azureus is the best… try uninstalling java and Azureus completely and reinstalling.

ummm didn’t u just get a new modem? is there perhaps a setting that needs to be tweaked with it? my router does uPNP for the ports but if your modem has a firewall built in perhaps it is blocking socket connections

^ u were rated prob the nerdest on this site, so u shud be able to figure it out gurl! :smiley:

yeah i should …but i think what i’ll do is wait till i’m off for thanksgiving and just a full format…i need to clean out the junk anyway…

and i’ve tweaked the modem all it can be tweaked…i’m dling and up loading faster than i should be…:wink:

nice front and back avatars both in a row :slight_smile: me wishes they were more than 64x64 :slight_smile:

ps, there is a new beta Az :slight_smile: time to give thanks :wink:

i hear an old saying…you can Wish in one hand …and Crap in the other and see which one gets filled first…


by the way hope ya liked the full version :wink:

You might try bitspirit if azureus is still givin’ you crap . . .

i think she is back up and running on AZ

So what ended up being the problem?

Apparently it wasn’t much of a problem. :smiley: