Azureus help



ok i am trying to get some bit’s going but the thing is my CPU max’s out it goes to 100% as soon as it get’s going i am thinking of going but to shareaza i guess just to get the file i need but if you guys can help then ty.


ok i found out it is just the file i am trying to download
so now i got are dif thing HOW DO I START THE DOWNLOAD"S


I had the same problem with the 100% CPU usage but is a known problem with NOD32 antivirus. I unstalled that and updated to the latest version of Azureus with the autoupdate and no problems since.

As for the downloads they should automatically start once you load in the torrent file, check that you’re not sitting behind a firewall and if so make sure you have the correct port open ( default 6881 I think, in any case there is a test during the initial setup ). Next thing to do is sit and wait… You can check the face status on the file being downloaded and that’ll give and indication of the problem ( tracker down etc etc ). Other option is double click on the file to be downloaded and select ( I think the general tab ) for file download status.



that is were i am trying to get the file from the thing is it wont show up with the frogie thing just show’s up as well part file.


Click the filename link you’re interested in then click the underlined download link and save the .torrent file. Once downloaded open the torrent file in Azureus. You’ll then be prompted for the location to save the true file(s) you’re intending to download. Check the User guide section on the Azureus website



ok nnow i am going insane how can people say this program is the bomb
i have had to restart this pc over 400 time’s now just to stop the max out of the CPU when they made this program did they even thing to try :a
i have done every thing they said i have got the java file over 400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 time’s just to make sure it was not stuffed but i am not going to waste my download’s on are program that does more damage then good
but ty anyway man.

i guess you were lucky with the one you got