Axiom 25 and Acid Pro



Anyone use these ? and if so I am a newbie with them and could use some experienced advice . I have several issues I need to figure out … Like everytime I change the Axiom settings I lose the input to Acid Pro and have to show it the Midi port again … I am using V 6.0 … am getting the snap crackle pop and can’t seem to stop it … am in the M-Audio forum as well as the Acid Pro Forums and have followed all instructions but still have these probs, plus I can’t figure out a few of the other settings for thr rotary dials etc… Like how do I get the touchpads to show up in Acid pro … I can see the response on the LCD but it won’t show on the Acid pro mixer… So many questions … such a slow typist LOL and yes I have read the manual … some I get and some may as well be in sandskrit …

help :confused: