Axim x51v Support?

A newbie needs some advice… I downloaded DVDFab Platinum beta and this seems like it would be great if only I could figure out what to use to copy a DVD to mobile format for my Dell Axim x51v. I’ve tried the “Generic” default settings (generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy) but the output file has subtitles (?! can’t find a setting for those?) and NO sound. Tried it again selecting the 2nd option under “configure” (generic.avid.xvid.mp3) and the sound works (but isn’t very loud) but I still have the subtitles. Also tried using the “PSP” option instead of “generic” as there was another post here with someone saying that worked on their Axim, but no luck at all with that-- can’t play video or audio. FYI, trying to play the file using WMP 11 with XP. On the Axim, I’ve got Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for PPC (running Windows Mobile 5) and TCPMP (which does not support MP4). There must be a way to do this with DVDFab, but this is all still rather new territory and I’m losing my patience with trial and error-- if anyone has ideas, I’d be grateful. Many thanks!

Hi ewl. Not many phones will play AC-3 audio, which is what you get with audiocopy. The MP3 will be fine and you can increase the volume with the slider in the lower left area of the Configure screen. Try around 200-225% as a starting point. To remove the subtitles you have to UNcheck all the subpicture boxes on the first screen (before you click Next). If it says “Direct Render to Video” in the lower right of the Configure screen, click Cancel and then the Back button to go back to the first page and uncheck the subpicture boxes.

Hi signals,

THANK YOU!! That works perfectly. I thought there must be a way but sometimes it’s just easier to ask an expert than keep trying over and over-- so thanks very much for the quick reply and for solving my issue.