Axia Core!



Well, I’m looking for some stuff for a new computer, now I wanted to buy a AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1333 MHZ with or without AXIA CORE, but what the @#!$ is an AXIA CORE, heard some stuff about better performences when overclocking an CPU with an AXIA CORE but if this is all it gives then I don’t need it.


yessss thats all it gives!!! So if youre an diehard overclocker buy that AXIA core…else dont…you can clock it anyways butt with the AXIAcore you get more MHZzzzzzz :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:


The AXIA core chips are basically ones that overclock REALLY well.

although I have heard that you can get 1600MHZ out of a 1GHZ AXIA, it may be better to go for an AYHJA on a 1333MHZ which will overclock to about the same amount, possibly more.

A lot does depend on your cooling though, as I have become an expert on this in the last week… !¬( (overheating server)

I’d probably go for a 1333 as if you don’t end up overclocking you have a fast chip regardless…