Aws works well with Plextor?

Sorry JK but I say BS because I have never had a problem backing up a game cd with my Plextor 24X (Firmware 1.02) so long as I had the right software. This includes Spearhead using Alcohol 120% 135 Build1112 and Blindwrite 4.2.2. I have not tried the latest CloneCD yet. I use either Maxell or Memorex cd-r.


Sorondil, I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings. I don’t mean it. I love my Plex 2410A. It gave me years of service without any problem except when I backup my DFTFD investment that it didn’t work. I tried Alcohol, Blindwrite with it and all suggested settings without any success. If your Plex works, then mine should work. Perhaps you can tell me what settings should I set to and try again. As I said, maybe I am not doing the right thing. :wink:

You did hurt my feelings. I was trying not to hurt your feelings. Everything is :cool:

The Settings I used for Spearhead which is SD2.80.10

Alcohol 120%

Speed Max
Skip Reading Errors checked
Fast Error Skip checked

Delete image file after recording check
Write speed 12X
Writer Method DAO/SAO
Enable buffer Underrun Free Technology checked

For BlindWrite I am using v4.2.5 because I wanted to try a new feature

Speed Max

In the configuration page I am using the VSO ASPI driver
Autoplay support checked

On the select writer page

Information tab
Support burn-proof checked
CD-RW Write checked
Support Raw PQ checked
Support Raw PW checked

Advanced tab
Sao Cooked checked
Dao PQ checked
Dao PW checked

CD Image Verification Page
Recommendations Use “Sao Cooked” writing mode (check enhance weak sectors)

Write CD-ROM
Writing Mode = Sao Cooked
Speed Max
Enhance Weak Sectors checked

I hope that this helps.


Thanks for the info. I will try your settings later and will let you know. BTW, which reader did you use. I used the W2410A to read and write. Is that the same what you did? I have a BENQ 52X CD-ROM but it takes a lot of time to read the cd that is the reason why I use the Plex as a reader. :slight_smile:


If I recall, this is not the first time there has been confliction reports on the Plextor’s ability. Not suggesting anyone is lying or stupid but perhaps there some other issue not yet discovered

I don’t know. Never liked Plextor’s myself. They not bad writers but overrated and overpriced IMHO. Still, if you bought one, good for you. It’s none of my business what you do as it’s none of your business what I do. Within reason of course…