Aws works well with Plextor?

Hello guys, I wrote a similar question in the clonecd forum, now I would like to compare my results(not good ) with other plextor’s owners.
I try to copy Gta3, Mafia and Delta force: task force dagger both with 1210a and with2410a (Aws enabled) but the copy weren’t good.
Toshiba dvdrom and pioneer always refuse to run my backups.
What’s your experience?
Plex1210a has fw 1.08 and 2410a is 1.01.

AWS enabled, GTA3 and Serious Sam 2 (both SD v2.51.021), back-ups tested in Toshiba SD-M1502:

-Plextor PX-W4012A: works
-Plextor PX-W4012TU: works
-Plextor PleXCombo PX-208TU: works (but back-ups fail in the drive itself)
-Plextor PleXCombo PX-320A: works
-Plextor PX-W4824A: failed (back-up does work in every other drive I tested)
-Plextor PX-W4824TU: failed (back-up does work in every other drive I tested)

Thanks Gamefreak,
I start thinking my Plextors are “unlucky” with Latest safedisc versions.

Buy an additional LiteOn :stuck_out_tongue:

You should upgrade your firmware.
The newest for PX-W2410TA is 1.04, you´ve got 1.01!!!
Try burning on cd-RW with the no aws profile, it works, even for mafia.
Use as reader your plex 2410!!!

I am new to this forum but I did ask the same question on the other forums without positive result. I have a PW2410A with 1.04 F/W. I tried to copy the Delta Force Task Force Dagger game with the profile as recommented in this forum. It did copy but when I intall and play, I got only the Multiplayer and Audio/Video Options highlighted. Single player can’t be selected. How can I make a 1:1 copy of this game? I use the Plex as reader and writer.

JediKnight can you tell us which protection the game uses? It’s hard to help you if we don’t know which protection is on the game. The default CloneCD Game Profile should work in most cases though but I conclude from your post it doesn’t?

it uses the SD2.51 protection. I will try the profile suggested in the sticky and tell you more later. Although, I think I have done the same thing.

SD2.51 shouldn’t be a problem (although there are some rare exceptions). When you say you can only choose multiplayer you mean that the game does start ok? The SafeDisc protection is checked when the game is started and when the game starts you have a successfull copy. When some game options are not available it’s probably due to a different reason.

Yes, I can not play the single player because it can not be highlighted as an available option. It’s just greylighted. I have 5 cousters of all the trials that I made. I just need to know if my Plex is not worth doing it. I wish Asus is available here, I could have bought one.:a

By blaming the burner you do not gain anything !!

Some games you have to do a training mission before it will allow you to start … Ghost Recon was that way.
I have DF TFD but I’m finishing another game b4 I install it … I’ll tho it in and see.

I know Ghost Recon. I played that. But DFTFD is not the same. I used the original cd and installed it and I can select the single player option but not on the backup cd. Okay here’s what I did. I installed from the original cd then played in single player mode. When I play the game next time and ask for the original cd, I pop in the backup cd instead, it displays the opening screen with different option but only the multiplayer option and the audio/video option can be selected. There could be something missing. It runs okay but…

Yeah … I just installed it with my back up made from my LiteOn and it played fine … sorry I can’t be of any help. Strange that it is doing that to you.

I started the game without the CD in the drive and got the same results you did. ???

It never asked for the CD tho … I already patched it with the update … maybe ???

I am not blaming the Plex. I just want to know if I am doing the right thing copying the cd. I will tell you if it is the Plex that is having a problem, soon.:wink:

Hmm I think we’re getting somewhere now since TeeCee says that he has the same ‘problem’ when he didn’t insert his disc. I thus think that JediKnight back-up is not detected in the drive? Have you tried enabling the ‘Hide CDR Media’ option in the CloneCD tray when playing from the writer? Or try disabling it when playing from a normal CD/DVD-ROM. Does this work?

It’s a weird problem since I understand the game does start from the back-up :confused: It shouldn’t start when it’s not a good copy. Well at least that would be the normal behaviour for a SafeDisc 2.51 protected game title…

Do i see a triple post or my eyes is playing games :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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G@M3FR3@K Do i see a triple post or my eyes is playing games :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
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Hey guys where have you been. I haven’t seen the forum for quite awhile. Is there something wrong with the forum lately? Anyhow, I tried to use a LTR-48125W and using ALcohol 120%, I was able to copy a perfect workable cd of the DFTFD. That convince me that my 241040A is not capable of copying some protections particularly SD2.5. That’s how I thought. Well a million thanks to the guys for all your suggestions. What will I do without you.:smiley: