AWS Work-around Report

I am testing some SD2 titles in my Ricoh. Here’s one:

Read & wrote Max Payne (no ATIP check) here:
Celeron 766 DFI (VIA :rolleyes: ) 4.28
Win98SE & Win2K dual boot
writer Ricoh MP7163A
reader Hitachi GD-7500

did not work in either device in either OS - got several flavours of SD2 failure…BSOD, tmp file error & spinning DVD

BUT…worked here:

PIII 933 MSI 815EP Pro (Intel :cool: )
Acer 1610A
Liteon 24102B
Toshi 1402
AOpen 52x

but not here

PII 350 ABIT BE6 (VIA :rolleyes: ) native drivers
XP Pro
Aopen 52x

XP just gracefully told me something was wrong (hung splash screen) and closed it down.

All systems are stable. ASPI is latest on all. Same Video Cards TNT2 M64. I’m still figuring :confused:

Huh very weird :confused: I will test a SafeDisc 2 protected game with my system soon (VIA 3.34 drivers, Plextor PX-W1210A, The Sims Houseparty [back-ups only work in the recorder normally])