AWS and non-AWS questoin

if I were to compare a cd byte by byte between a cd made by a AWS writer (on SD 2.51.x) and one made by a lite-on which doesnt need AWS, will the cds be exactly the same?

Would the AWS be a 1-1 copy of the one made by the liteon?

AWS is not a 1:1 copy method

If you read in audio mode or with error correction switched off (liteons and pioneers e.g. do not support switching off error correction!), then there’re differences, but with error correction switched on, the aws will be “corrected”, so there’re no differences detectable then.

The whole AWS thing is VERY strange:
If you read the amplified copy with CloneCD, you’ll get the ORIGINAL weak sectors, but if you read with BlindRead (ONLY audio method), you’ll get the REAL patched sectors.

Which program has right, then?

BlindRead does, because if you read the ORIGINAL you’ll get the weak sectors, as “generated” by CloneCD, too.